K-Mac's Con Log
Surveillance Photography
from Science Fiction Fandom, 1982-present

Photographed and scanned by Michael P. Kube-McDowell

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MAIN LOG - alphabetized by first surname
Arlan Andrews
Long-time Analog contributor Arlan Andrews at InConJunction XI, July 1991, Indianapolis IN. (91KB)
Greg Bear
Writer Greg Bear (Blood Music) at L.A. Con II, September 1984, Anaheim CA. Also in photo: Octavia Butler. (54K)
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Writer Marion Zimmer Bradley (The Mists of Avalon) at InConJunction V, July 1985, Indianapolis IN. (38K)
David Brin
Writer David Brin (The Practice Effect) at Windycon XII, October 1985, Schaumberg IL (38KB)
David Brin and Will Shetterly
Writers David Brin (The Uplift War) and Will Shetterly (Cats Have No Lord) at Windycon XIV, November 1987, Schaumberg IL. (73KB)
Octavia Butler
Writer Octavia Butler (Bloodchild) at the Norwescon Alternacon, March 1987, Seattle/Tacoma WA. (72KB)
Marty Cantor
BNF Marty Cantor at the Norweson Alternacon, March 1987, Seattle/Tacoma WA. (73KB)
Lillian Stewart Carl
Writer Lillian Stewart Carl (Sabazel) at Marcon XX, May 1985, Columbus OH. (102KB)
Aline Clayton-Caroll, Lee Carroll, and Ann Brett
Marcon XX masquerade, May 1984, Columbus OH. (119KB)
Samuel "Chip" Delany and Gwen Zak Moore
Writer Chip Delany (Dhalgren) and artist/filker Gwen Zak Moore ("Circles," "I Am Lord") in the huckster room at Cinclave, April 1986, Cincinnati OH. (93KB)
Compass Rose
Filk ensemble Compass Rose (Mary Ellen Wessels, Joey Shoji, Catherine Cook-McDonald, and Paul McDonald performing at the Confederation (1986 Worldcon) Masquerade, September 1986, Atlanta GA. (82K)
Buck Coulson
The late Buck Coulson -- BNF, huckster, curmudgeon, fanzine editor (Yandro), and filk fan -- at WindyCon XII, October 1985. (46KB)
Susan Hope Dundas
I didn't manage to catch her with her saxophone, alas. This restrained elegance graced Conclave 18, October 1993, Southfield MI. (69KB)
Ru Emerson & Brian Thomsen
Writer Ru Emerson (To the Haunted Mountains) and TSR editor Brian Thomsen at the Norweson Alternacon, March 1987, Seattle/Tacoma WA. (51K)
Judy Eudaly
Judy appeared in Middle Eastern dance garb at several InConJunctions, more than once in performance with a local troupe. I caught up with her near the lobby during InCon XIII, Jul 1993. (226KB)
Alan Dean Foster and Dan Jarrell
Writer Alan Dean Foster (The False Mirror, the Pip and Flinx series) signs for Ann Arbor fan Dan Jarrell at Conclave IX, November 1984, Plymouth MI. (93KB)
Frank Kelly Freas
Artist Frank Kelly Freas at Lone Star Con (1985 NASFiC), August 1985, Austin TX. (65K)
Frank Kelly Freas and Laura Freas
The late Kelly Freas and his wife-to-be Laura at InConJunction X, July 1990, Indianapolis IN (90KB)
Todd Cameron Hamilton
John Varley's favorite cover artist, Todd Hamilton, hard at work at Windycon XIV, November 1987. Schaumberg IL. (71KB)
Dell Harris
Artist Dell Harris at LoneStarCon (1985 NASFiC), Austin TX. (401x580x16M - 116KB)
Brian Herbert
Writer Brian Herbert (Sudanna, Sudanna), son of Frank Herbert, spotted at the Norwescon Alternacon, March 1987, Seattle WA. (33KB)
P. C. Hodgell, Barry B. Longyear, and Buck Coulson
Writers Pat Hodgell (Godstalk) and Barry Longyear (Sea of Glass) and BNF Buck Coulson (Yandro) at Windycon XIV, November 1987, Schaumberg IL. (64KB)
Diane Jordan
Former Mystery Woman #8 (thanks to Brenda Mings for the ID) as she appeared in the Constellation masquerade. Ms. Jordan took home awards for Most Audacious (Novice Division) and Best In Show: Workmanship, so clearly I was not the only one there paying close attention.
Katherine Kurtz
Guest of Honor Katharine Kurtz browsing at the Moorecraft (Gwen Zak Moore) table during Confusion XII, January 1987, Plymouth MI. (96KB)
David & Marilyn Lunde
New Wave writer and poet David Lunde (Calibrations) and his wife Marilyn at the Third Conference on the Fantastic, May 1982, Boca Raton FL. (48K)
Marilyn Masiker Lunde
...dressing up the hallways in one of Lord Randolph's chain-mail creations during Chicon IV (1982 Worldcon), September 1982, Chicago IL. (89KB)
Eve Madsen (aka Eve Rowe, aka Eve Brasher) and Trasa Burkhardt
Come back to Ann Arbor, Evie. We miss you. Conclave 18, October 1993, Southfield MI. (79KB)
Bill Maraschiello
The late Bill "Many-Instruments" Maraschiello (Magnetic Elixir) in concert at Marcon XIX, May 1984, Columbus OH. One tape is not enough. (56K)
Dean McLaughlin
Writer and book dealer (The Dawn Treader) Dean McLaughlin at Confusion XII, JAnuary 1987, Plymouth MI. (48KB)
John Morressy
Writer John Morressy (Graymantle) takes five at Norwescon 10, March 1988, Seattle WA. (65KB)
Sharon Myers
A fixture at the "C" cons of Southeast Michigan. Hard to photograph, because she's always moving. This from Stargazing Contraption, May 1991. (60KB)
Sharla Nims
The former mystery woman, spotted in the Blue Dress at Contraption Kaizen, May 1991, Troy MI. (47KB)
Ericka Perdew
Our paths kept crossing at Indianapolis XI, July 1991, Indianapolis IN. (62KB)
Frederik Pohl and Betty Anne Hull
SFWA Grand Master Frederik Pohl (Gateway) and his wife Betty Anne Hull at Contraption Kaizen, May 1991, Troy MI. (76KB)
Marta Randall
Writer Marta Randall (The Sword of Winter) at Ambulatory Confusion, January 1988, Southfield MI. Marta's 1993 book Growing Light appeared over the pen name Martha Conley. (71KB)
Sue Renhard
Pacific Northwest fan and Middle Eastern dancer Sue Renhard was my Guest Liasion at Orycon 9, November 1987, Portland OR. Lucky me. (132KB)
Anne Schneider
...in a vampirish hall costume at Contraption Kaizen, May 1991, Troy MI. (69KB)
Robert Sheckley and Jay Rothbell
Writers Robert Sheckley (The Tenth Victim) and Jay Rothbell Sheckley ("Lost Soul") at the 1982 Conference on the Fantastic, Boca Raton FL. (69KB)
Joey Shoji
West Coast fan and filker Joey Shoji dropped in on Confusion XIII, January 1988, Southfield MI. (48KB)
Steve Simmons
Filker Steve Simmons after an all-nighter at Contraption Kaizen, May 1991, Troy MI. (89KB)
Dave Smeds & Karen Joy Fowler
Writer Dave Smeds (The Schemes of Dragons) and writer Karen Joy Fowler (Artificial Things) at the Norwescon Alternacon, March 1987, Seattle/Tacoma WA. (64K)
Melinda Snodgrass and Walter Jon Williams
Writer Melinda Snodgrass (Circuit) and writer Walter Jon Williams (City On Fire) at Lone Star Con (1985 NASFiC), August 1985, Austin TX. (58K)
Bill Sutton and Frank Hayes
Filkers Bill Sutton ("Stray Dog Man") and Frank Hayes ("Never Set the Cat on Fire") caught conferring at Lone Star Con (1985 NASFiC). (102KB)
Larry Tucker
Ann Arbor-area fan Larry Tucker (he of the 900 pounds of video gear) at Contraption Kaizen, May 1991, Troy MI. (71KB)
Mary Ellen Wessels
Singer Mary Ellen Wessels (Current Obsessions) at Confusion XII, January 1987, Plymouth MI. (52K)
Gene Wolfe
Writer Gene Wolfe (Soldier of the Mist) at InConJunction IV, July 1984, Indianapolis IN. Also in photo: Timothy Zahn, Paul O. Williams. (54K)
Kathleen Woodbury
Writer and writing workshop leader Kathleen Woodbury at the Norwescon Alternacon, March 1987, Seattle/Tacoma WA. (72K)
Anna Zahn
Anna Zahn, wife of bestselling Star Wars author Timothy Zahn, at InConJunction IX, July 1989, Indianapolis IN (68KB)

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