Vectors Acknowledgments


Many friends have been part of a long-running exploration of the themes of this novel. To preserve their privacy, I would like to thank them obliquely by place rather than by name: Starwood, Otter Creek Park, Heartstone, Windshadow, Hotel California.

The following people graciously answered questions in their areas of expertise or previewed portions of the work in progress:

Arlene E. Bradford, University of Michigan Office of Continuing Medical Education

Cindee Hayes, Briarcliffe Apartments

Colleen, Village Green of Ann Arbor

Dr. Rob Allen, USAF

Eve Madsen, University of Michigan Department of Biology

Greg Cronau

Michael J. Tines, Assistant Manager, Huron Towers

Dr. Michael A. Kron, Associate Professor of Medicine, Michigan State University

Brian Proctor

Villy Somthida, California Alumni Association

Susan Carpenter, University of Michigan Department of Neuroscience

Arlyn Wilson

and the GEnie gang, R.I.P.

The following professional allies made other invaluable contributions to the writing of this book:

Russell Galen, Scovil Chichak Galen Literary Agency

Betsy Mitchell, Tom Dupree, Michael Shohl, and Juliet Ulman, Bantam Spectra

Special thanks to my wife, Gwen, for her unwavering love and support, and to my children, Matt, Amanda, and Gavin, for helping make the future something to look forward to.

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Last Revised: March 04, 2014