Heritage Middle School, Middlebury, Indiana
Photo Gallery, 1976-1983

Scenes from a Model Rocketry Club launch on the south field of the Heritage-Northridge campus..

Tony Hurst at center

I designed and built the rocketry club's seven-pad launcher and controller. (Dale Miller is seated)

The rocket-eating tree at the edge of the practice football field.

We liked to end the day with a salvo launch.

Launching tagged balloons for science class

Jim Galt took the 1980 science staff to a middle-school symposium in Nashville.

Jim Galt leads a convocation in the Heritage gym.

Class of 1983 as sixth graders (1977)

Class of 1982 as seventh graders (1977)

Class of 1981 as eighth graders (1977)

Class of 1981 as eighth graders (1977)

Class of 1982 - seventh grade math class (1977)

Science fair

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