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Scenes from Elkhart County, Indiana, 1976-1986

Photography by Michael Kube-McDowell


When I first visited Elkhart County in August of 1976, I found it both alien and familiar. While Goshen was smaller than the college I'd just graduated from, and Middlebury smaller than the "urban village" I grew up in, both were part of the same kind of rural, small-town, hard-working, God-fearing, county-courthouse, two-lane-road reality from which my own family sprang. In the absence of a working time machine, my ten years there were a proxy for a visit to Otter Tail County, Minnesota, or Greene County, Pennsylvania, in the 1920s, when my grandparents called those places home. Here is a sampling of what I saw.

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Grandson and grandfather on Memorial Day
(published 5/31/83)

Bob Miller in his garden
(published 9/16/82)

Bristol volunteer firefighters

Delivering the milk for snack time

Fishing on the Little Elkhart
(published 5/2/83)

Watching the memorial Day parade
(published 5/31/83)

Pancake breakfast

Tony Hurst, at the Northridge Talent Show

Last days of the Pumpkin Vine Railroad

Horseshoes is a serious game

In the town park, next to the library

Junior Miss rehearsal

A not-so-mobile home.

A first-class T-P job.

Dr. Pam Mitchell encamped with the voyageurs near Bristol

Semi-Precious Stones danced at...

...the Middlebury Summer Festival

1920, 1950, or 1980?

Politicians and Junior Miss queens

Main Street

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