Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

I understand that there was a low-bandwidth rumor about me being hospitalized recently. The rumor is true, but I’m home now and feeling much better (albeit not yet well). I was admitted May 12 in order that I could receive treatment for an infection in my left lower jaw which had me looking like a chipmunk with a cheek full of next February’s breakfast. At the worst point, I could only open my mouth about a half-inch, and the inflammation was threatening to cross over to the right. There were Concerns.

My hosts at Sparrow pumped me full of IV antibiotics for three days, then sent me home with two weeks of pills to continue the campaign. The invaders were pushed back but have stubbornly resisted total extermination–the culprit appears to be a molar with a long vertical crack through it, which an oral surgeon will assault tomorrow morning. With luck, by this time next week All Will Be Well Again, My Friends.