ENIGMA Is Back in Print

I’ve never been very comfortable with the self-promotion side of a writing career, but it’s harder to find that head space right now than at any previous time I can remember. Pandemic gotcha down? Say, can I interest you in some skiffy escapism. Unemployment at 25%? Perfect time to go shopping! Streets rocking with protesters demanding justice?  Wait, before you go out, look over here–we have ebooks and cookies!

Eh–no. Not going there. So how about I pin a simple unvarnished announcement on the bulletin board for when we have the luxury of sparing some attention for it:

For the first time since it was originally published in 1986, ENIGMA (Book 2 of the Trigon Disunity) is now available as an ebook from Phoenix Pick (an imprint of Arc Manor). Also, for the first time since 2004, it’s back in print in paper as a trade paperback. As with the EMPRISE reissue last year, both versions contain a bonus “Trigon Disunity” short story.

(I was going to include a cover photo, but WordPress is being cranky and won’t allow me to upload one. Will edit this when that issue is resolved.)

Trade paperback ISBN 978-1-61242-456-9  $14.99

Kindle edition ASIN: B088TXBQ8G $5.99

At your favorite bookseller.

Stay safe.