Short Fiction

Short Fiction in Books:

  • Slac//” in THE 1982 ANNUAL WORLD’S BEST SF, Donald A. Wollheim, ed. (Daw, 1982);
    and in ALIENS AND OUTWORLDERS, Shawna McCarthy, ed. (Davis/Dial 1983).
    Originally published as the cover story in Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine (August 3, 1981)
  • A Green Hill Far Away” in PERPETUAL LIGHT, Alan Ryan, ed. (Warner, 1982)
  • Slippage” in THE YEAR’S BEST HORROR STORIES: XI, Karl Edward Wagner, ed. (Daw, 1983);
    in TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: VOLUME 1, M. Galin and T. Allen, eds. (Berkley, 1988);
    and in HORRORSTORY: Volume 4, Karl Edward Wagner, ed. (Underwood-Miller, 1990).
    Originally published in Twilight Zone (August 1982).
  • When Winter Ends” in ALIEN STARS II: AFTER THE FLAMES, Elizabeth Mitchell, ed. (Baen, 1985).
    Slightly different version originally published as the cover story of Fantasy & Science Fiction (July 1985).
  • I Shall Have A Flight to Glory,” in ALTERNATE PRESIDENTS, Mike Resnick, ed. (Tor, 1992)
  • The Inga-Binga Affair,” in ALTERNATE KENNEDYS, Mike Resnick, ed. (Tor, 1992)
  • Because Thou Lovest the Burning-Ground,” in ALTERNATE WARRIORS, Mike Resnick, ed. (Tor, 1993)

Short Fiction in Magazines:

  • The Inevitable Conclusion” in Amazing Stories (August, 1979)
    a Trigon Disunity story
  • Antithesis” in Amazing Stories (February, 1980)
    a Trigon Disunity story
  • Addressee Unknown” in Amazing Stories (March, 1981)
  • A Question of Compliance” in Analog (June 22, 1981)
  • Slac//” in Asimov’s (August 3, 1981)
  • Tagman” in Amazing Stories (November, 1981)
    a sequel to “Addressee Unknown”
  • The Garden of the Cognoscenti” in Analog (June, 1982)
  • P.E.” in Analog (July, 1982)
  • Slippage” in Twilight Zone (August, 1982)
  • Murphy’s Planet” in Analog (July, 1982)
  • Memory” in Asimov’s (August, 1983)
  • Menace” in Analog (February, 1984)
    a Trigon Disunity story
  • Lifebomb” in Analog (January, 1985)
  • Babytrap” in Analog (May, 1985)
  • When Winter Ends” in Fantasy & Science Fiction (July, 1985)
  • Nanny” in Analog (November, 1987)
  • Misbegotten” in Fantasy & Science Fiction (December, 1989)

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