My first contact with George Romero’s Laurel T.V. group came when they purchased television rights to my story “Slippage”. I was later hired to write the teleplay for my story “Lifebomb,” and eventually wrote two other teleplays for the Darkside series, one original and the other an adaptation. (However, the “Michael McDowell” who wrote for the show and went on to write horror films such as Beetlejuice is another person entirely.)

My novel work kept me too occupied to put much time into further screenwriting ventures, but I remain a Life member of the Writers Guild of America, East with an ongoing interest in SF television and film. I nominate and vote (most years, anyway) on the annual WGA screenwriting awards.

Broadcast History

  • “Slippage,” Tales From the Darkside, story (1984-5 season)
  • “Lifebomb,” Tales From the Darkside, story and teleplay, (1985-6 season); story originally published in Analog (Jan 1985)
  • “Effect and Cause,” Tales From the Darkside, original teleplay, (1985-6 season)
  • “The Bitterest Pill,” Tales From the Darkside, teleplay from the Frederik Pohl story “The Richest Man in Levittown” (1986-7 season)

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