The Arc Manor Ebook Reissues Commence!

I haven’t had the pleasure of opening a box of new books for a good while, so I thought I’d share it with you. 😁 EMPRISE is back in print at long last, in trade paper, Kindle, and epub ebook editions from Arc Manor! And there are five more backlist reissues coming in the months ahead.

I won’t be shy about this: I’m hoping that EMPRISE and its siblings do well enough (wherever that threshold is) to open the door to the publication of something entirely new.

So I’ll be grateful to every one of you who not only rushes out and gets one of your very own, but everyone who helps in any small way to spread the word wherever your digital map extends beyond my reach. In particular, there’s no better time for friends of these books to post a review in one of the Usual Places.

I was never truly comfortable with the self-promotion side of writing, and I hate how much more weight falls on that today than it did in 1985, with making a name for yourself on social media apparently Job 1 for writers new and old. So I hope you’ll forgive me turning to old friends for an assist.

Here are the links at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.