Mission Data for EMPRISE

June 2019 Update!
Now available in Kindle and Trade Paperback editions
from Phoenix Pick – details below

Cover art by Ron Miller

Cover art by Ron Miller

  • First edition June 1985, Berkley
    mass market paperback
    ISBN: 0-425-07763-2 |

  • December 1987, Ace
    mass market paperback
    ISBN: 0-441-18074-4 |

  • March 1988, Legend – U.K.
    mass market paperback
    ISBN: 0-09-953360-X | L

  • 1 November 2003, iBooks/S&S – US
    trade paperback
    ISBN: 0-743-47536-4 |

  • June 2019, Phoenix Pick (an Arc Manor imprint) – US
    trade paperback
    ISBN: 978-1-61242-454-5

Emprise in translation

Dedication  –  For Janie, for believing, and Matt, for being.

Reviews and Notices

1985 Nebula Award Preliminary Ballot

LOCUS Recommended Reading List

1985 Philip K. Dick Award Nominee (Best Original Paperback Novel)

#2 in the 1985 LOCUS Poll for Best First Novel

“Here comes the kind of novel we need in the mid-Eighties: a novel which shows that humankind is, with all its faults, redeemable. Emprise has true excitement because it deals with that most dangerous of all time-zones: the present.”
Brian Aldiss, author of The Trillion-Year Spree

“A heady mix of political intrigue and hard science as Earth reacts to its first interstellar contact. An impressive debut.”
Julian May, author of The Many-Colored Land

“A fine first novel, the work of an alert intellect dealing with major issues…the first of a trilogy which should prove to be as fascinating as it is ambitious.”
Faren Miller, LOCUS

“A remarkably mature novel; reminiscent of Arthur C. Clarke at his best.”
Peter Heck, NEWSDAY

“One of those rare books where the ideas, the plotting, the writing, and the characters are all first-rate.”

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