Mission Data for ENIGMA

May 2020 update!
Now back in print from Phoenix Pick
in Kindle and trade paperback editions – details below

Cover art by Ron Miller

Cover art by Ron Miller

  • First edition May 1986, Berkley
    ISBN: 0-425-08767-0 | $3.50

  • July 1987, Ace
    ISBN: 0-441-18074-4 | $3.50

  • May 1988, Legend – U.K
    ISBN: 0-09-953630-7 | L3.50

  • 1 March 2004, iBooks/S&S – US
    ISBN: 0-743-47916-5 | $13.95

  • May 2020, Phoenix Pick (Arc Manor)
    ISBN: 978-1-61242-456-9

Enigma in translation

For Marc Satterwhite, Rick Langolf, Art Jolin
former roommates and abiding friends.
And for Janie,
who gives me more than she knows.

Reviews and Notices

1986 Nebula Award Preliminary Ballot

LOCUS Recommended Reading List

“At its best, science fiction sometimes resembles the mystery novel, investigating a puzzle of xenobiology, planetology, physics, or alien behavior. ENIGMA is a novel of this type, a search for answers to large and fascinating questions…the stuff of prime SF.”
–Faren Miller, LOCUS

“This sequel to EMPRISE, the author’s fine first novel, continues that book’s canny portrayal of scientific collaborations complicated by military, political, and personal powerplays, tensions, and allegiances. …Intelligent, intriguing, and well-written…”

“Kube-McDowell has set himself that most difficult of SF tasks: future history. He is striding across generations, and yet so artfully that you are caught up in the sweep of events…The ideas are cosmic sci-fi at its best; the characters are real and interesting; and the writing will sweep you effortlessly along. Read Kube-McDowell now, so you can tell your friends you discovered him before he won his first Hugo.”
–Orson Scott Card, SF&F FORUM

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