Mission Data for VECTORS

Love. Death. Science. Reincarnation.

One is a promise.

One is a lie.

One must be surrendered.

One must be embraced.

A story from the edge of tomorrow,
and the heart of forever.

Bantam Spectra Paperback
October 29, 2002
ISBN 0-553-29824-0, $6.99

Spectra Kindle Edition
June 30, 2010
ASIN B003T0G9GW, $4.99

A sweeping novel
of love, science, death and hope.

Timeline: Delivered February 14, 2002
Accepted March 25, 2002
October 29, 2002


In memory of Marion Zak

and John McDowell,

who now know

the answer

to the question


I. The Dance of the Electrons

II. The Intersection of Purpose

III. A Discontinuity in the Continuum

IV. The Fine Thread of Reason

V. The Inchoate Incarnate

VI. A Spark Flies Upward

VII. The Ghost in the Machine

Chapter 1: The Dance of the Electrons

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