My Sanctum Sanctorum, Rev 1.0

This was my office in Goshen, Indiana, where my first five novels were written. It’s June 1985, EMPRISE has just been published, and I’m wearing my new ‘writer’s jacket.’The photo is akin to a personal anthropological dig–there are some interesting objects in it. Behind my left knee is my first computer, an IBM PC with 128K of memory and dual 360K floppy drives. Beside the monitor (displaying ASCII art of t1239633_521484161301579_2082777484_nhe Trigon symbol) is a Hayes Smartmodem300. (I don’t really know if my modems have cost me several novels over the years, or helped keep me sane enough to write the ones I did.)

Elsewhere you might spot some of my NASA mission patches and my press parking placard for the STS-4 Shuttle launch, a bumper sticker that never made it onto my car, David Mattingly’s treatment for the ASIMOV’s cover for “Slac//”, and other tchotchkes left for the curious and keen-eyed.


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