I was twelve when STAR TREK debuted on NBC,* and I’ve never stopped watching it.** Back in 1966, my family’s only TV was a black & white Zenith console, so ST occasioned a weekly visit to Grandpop and Grandmom Deich and their enormous 20″ color Philco. Grandpop didn’t mind because he believed in UFOs, and besides, he appreciated William Ware Theiss’s approach to costume design.

Last year, I sent STAR TREK: AXANAR a contribution on the basis of the very smartly executed pseudo-documentary “Prelude to Axanar,” which I discovered through David Gerrold’s Facebook page. But I’ve actually never seen any of the ST fan films, which are more numerous than I knew. Does anyone have a favorite they’d like to recommend?

*The Golden Age of science fiction

** Though I am unenthusiastic about the direction Abrams has taken the franchise–had he been in charge of ST from the beginning, I don’t think any of my favorite episodes would ever have been made, except perhaps “Yesterday’s Enterprise.”