Lost Treasure

You can find the darnedest things on the Internet.

I finally got around to registering on Goodreads as an author, and in looking through the listings linked to my name I found a publication which was completely unknown to me. It’s a 1982 German anthology titled ANALOG 5 which contains a story of mine, “Eine Frage der Veranlagung.” The English title was “A Question of Compliance,” and it appeared in the June 22, 1981 issue of ANALOG–my first story there.

Virtually no chance of scaring up a copy for the brag shelf at this late date, of course. There’s a copy for sale on amazon.de, but it doesn’t appear the seller ships internationally. Maybe I have a fan in Germany who could do me a solid?

(And did the Davis Publications contract back then cover reprints and translations? Hmmm. As long as I’m digging into old files–)