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I still have in my files a Worldcon (pre)registration list from July 1990. I don’t know if this is from the 48th (The Hague), which I didn’t attend, or the 49th (Chicago), which I did.

In any event, it’s a snapshot of the core Worldcon fandom almost 30 years ago. Some familiar names are friends, others acquaintances, others BNFs, concoms, fellow writers, editors, artists I knew only by reputation (or, perhaps, from CompuServe or GEnie–the Web was still a few years away). If I could put a 🌹 before everyone who’s passed away, the result would be distressing. Among the rest, I’m not well positioned to know who’s gafiated (as we largely did when our kids came along) and who’s still around.

In any event, I thought some of you might also have passing interest in this little fragment of fannish history.

July 1990 Worldcon registration list

July 1990 Worldcon registration list