Introducing my new publisher

I’m delighted to announce that on Tuesday, I signed a contract with Arc Manor to reissue six of my early Berkley/Ace novels as ebooks. The titles included are EMPRISE, EMPERY, ENIGMA, my P. K. Dick Award nominee ALTERNITIES, my Hugo Award nominee THE QUIET POOLS, and EXILE. The publication schedule isn’t locked down yet, but Fall 2019 seems likely.

If you’ve been following this profile for a while, you know that these novels have been in limbo since the death of publisher Byron Preiss and the dissolution of his iBooks imprint. Bringing them back as ebooks is a goal that I started pursuing in earnest about two years ago, and I want to thank my long-time agent and friend Russ Galen for continuing to believe in me and these works. The seas turned a little rough as we sailed on in search of a safe harbor and a new home port, but here we are at last.

Now I can focus on another promise I made to myself (and to others, even if they weren’t there to hear it)–namely, a new Kube-McDowell novel. Most of my previous novels took about a year to write; let’s see if I can’t keep that promise by this time next year.

Ad astra!